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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

11 Ways to Help Child With.... Math!

We've all been acquainted with this new school curriculum. Some are all for it; others, not so much. We can all agree that children aren't just common. They're unique and learn differently and some need more help in certain areas than others. Math seems to be the one most need help with. The way of teaching in school has changed, but remember: you have a great influence in your child's learning around the house and in everyday-life. He/She may not even consider it typical "learning" but there are things that undoubtedly enhance thinking and retention. This allows the child to go to school daily and feel like he/she is in for a great day!

Of course, you can come up with math problems for them to do as your own math worksheet. There are everyday, practical things you can do to help also.

11 Ways a Parent Can Help with Math: 
1) Look for shapes and patterns in real life
2) Have your child measure ingredients for a recipe you are making
3) Ask your child to explain the math skills he or she is working on in school
4) Ask him/her to explain how he/she got the answer to problems
5) Help find age appropriate problem-solving games online (Apps on phones also)
6) Play card or board games that involve counting or patterns
7) Ask your child to count change at the grocery store or estimate total cost while you're shopping
8) Compare!: What's the tallest? Smallest? Fastest? Highest? Most expensive? Etc...
9) Have a ruler, scale, calculator, measuring tape available to use in house
10) Encourage child to graph/track stats for favorite sports team
11) Use dice or playing cards to make a game out of practicing math skills

These things will help your child succeed in school and encourage a learning environment at home!
Have fun with them also! (:
3 great free math apps: Teachly: Addimal Adventure, ToDo Math, Splash Math Kindergarten

If you have any extra tips, let us know.
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