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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Tips for Treats

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

        Maybe you’re new to having a kid old enough for actual trick-or-treating… Maybe you’re new to the city/town you live in… Maybe you’ve just never participated in trick-or-treating due to work schedule (or simply not wanting to).
Whatever the case may be, I have some safety tips that may help the night of fun go a little smoother.
As smooth as kids dressed up in their favorite costume… at night… after a day of candy at school and more candy as the number of houses visited goes up!! WOOH! (Breathe!)
Doesn’t sound too bad… right? Let’s get started here.
Now, we don’t want you to over-plan or over-schedule and change trick-or-treating from fun to a task that nobody enjoys. Keep some (controlled) suspense for the kids at least.


1) PLAN AHEAD – Pick a neighborhood. Some like their own, some like to meet friends in a different one. Meet up with other parents from class (this will provide some extra sanity for you and an extra set of eyes).  You want to check times for trick-or-treating in your area. You want to drive the neighborhood before you go, just to see what you’re in for. LOOK FOR SIDEWALKS! We like sidewalks.

2) PICK THE RIGHT COSTUMES – and remember what you’re kid(s) are wearing. No, really. Sometimes parents forget and are looking for a princess when she actually dressed as a zombie this year. Maybe covered in black head to toe isn't the best idea. Consider colors, eh?

3) TRICK-OR-TREATING ALTERNATIVE – Maybe trick-or-treating isn't for your family. There are alternatives. Check with your church, a local church, or local event center for these alternatives. I’ve been to little play houses where the kids play little quick games for candy and also trunk-or-treats where the kids navigate car to car to collect their candy and dinner is also provided. Find something good for you! If all the planning in neighborhoods is too much and you need a more organized event: look into it! However, still take precautions at these events. (:

4) IS THIS HOUSE GOOD? – While out trick-or-treating some houses just look sketchy. Maybe in the daylight they look better (I’ll have to drive by one day when I have a free minute) but something just doesn’t seem right. Skip that house. Only a couple pieces of candy lost, right? Choose well-lit houses. It’s a general rule that if the porch light is off, they’re not offering up Halloween candy. Ensure your kids knows to never go inside someone’s house for candy!

5) WE NEED LIGHT – Now, this last one may sound like the most common sense tip or it may sound like a genius plan you would have never expected to hear. I’ll give it a try though. You can let me know after. Here goes: Arm each kid with a flashlight. Keep one for yourself, also. An extra pair of batteries just in case is smart. If you want to be creative, maybe you could slap a strip of reflective tape somewhere on your kiddo.

Well I guess I have a couple more:
BONUS TIPS: Make sure your house is safe while you’re gone! Also, check candy before letting the kiddos help themselves to a piece… or a handful… of candy.
If you can think of any other Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips let us know!

And, whatever you decide to do, make sure you add Appletree Kids to your route. Halloween Night 6:30-8 we will be handing out candy. Stop by and see us! We'd love to see you!

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